Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here's a Box, Let's Put Our Children In It

Being a kid makes you either great or terrible at drawing.

It seems like you definitely start out great.

York Blog

This striped potato wearing an eyeball hat says, "You're creative!"

Dave Gray's Flickr

And for a while, it just gets better as you learn how to express on paper the most important features of people and objects around you, according to your perception.

Source unknown, because the original site died

Until, at some point in your life, you get stressed about "doing it right", because a house is a triangle on top of a square, the ground is a green stripe at the bottom of the page, and flying birds are shaped like McDonald's arches.

A Mother World

Which is perfectly cute and delightful to your mom, but not creative the way it used to be, and leads to this stock image of an adult attempting to draw "like a child":


which makes the earth do this:

because it's sad for the injury to your creativity.

Now you're an adult who is most likely crippled by your need to impress teachers and peers by "doing it right". I know I am.

How do we bust out da box?

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