Sunday, July 10, 2011

Manly Maturity

I discovered a fantastic article about consuming/creating on The Art of Manliness blog. Feel free to make this about yourself whether or not you're a man!

Favorite quotes:

  • Consumerism offers so many choices that we fail to see that they all reside within a predetermined box.

  • When you create instead of consume, your capacity for pleasure increases, as opposed to your need for it. Being a creator gives you a far more lasting and deeply satisfying happiness than consuming ever will.

  • The problem with consumerism is that it heavily emphasizes choice, to the complete exclusion of the idea of living with that choice.

  • [Another] problem with consumerism is that it satiates our discomfort with passing and superficial pleasures, distracting us from what that hunger is really calling out for.

  • The act of creation shapes you as a man, refines your sensibilities, improves your strengths, hones your concentration, and builds your character. Passive consumption leaves you untouched and unchanged.

I'm so inspired right now!

Read the whole article here: Modern Maturity: Create More, Consume Less

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